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 Life Is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 4: "Farewell" Bonus DLC

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Life Is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 4: "Farewell" Bonus DLC Empty
PostSubject: Life Is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 4: "Farewell" Bonus DLC   Life Is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 4: "Farewell" Bonus DLC I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 06, 2018 10:12 am

"Farewell" is a stand-alone bonus episode launched on March 5 and 6, 2018 depending on the region, only available as part of the Deluxe Edition and boxed editions of Life is Strange: Before the Storm and takes place long before the events of Before the Storm, with young Max and Chloe together. The player will be given the chance to play as Max Caulfield for a final time, the protagonist of the original Life is Strange.

The original voice actresses, Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch returned to play Max and Chloe.

It launched alongside the boxed standard and Limited Editions of Before the Storm in the US, which will release on the same day and later on March 9th in PAL territories and include a download code unlock the bonus episode.


A young Max Caulfield is at the home of her best friend Chloe Price. Chloe has been told by her mother to get rid of the junk in her room, so Chloe decides she may as well clean it at the same time. Max looks around the room and discovers many mementos from their years of friendship. She finds a Polaroid camera that belongs to Chloe's father, William Price. When Max asks Chloe why her dad's camera is in her room, Chloe tells Max that her dad said she could bring it up there for Max to use because he's tired of watching her drool all over herself every time he uses it - "his words."

Max knows that her family is moving to Seattle in three days, and she still hasn't told Chloe about this yet. Max is clearly worried about how to tell her best friend and is looking for the right opportunity to raise the subject. She has an opportunity to tell Chloe in her room or not.

Chloe finds an old cassette tape that they made as a message to their older (current) selves. On it, they are playing pirates and mention an amulet and a treasure map. Chloe grabs their old sketchbook of pirate drawings. The map is missing but Max finds it inside an old textbook. The instructions include a telescope - which Chloe goes to find downstairs in the garage - and an amulet that Max (reluctantly) searches for in the attic. After finding it, the girls attach the amulet to the telescope and use it to discover the location of the "treasure." They dig up the treasure which turns out to be a time capsule of memories.

Max can play a message on the answering machine from a fellow student's mother about an incident at Blackwell Academy that her daughter and Chloe were involved in. Chloe can reveal that she turned on a bunsen burner near the other student in an act of anger after the student made fun of her old hoodie. She seems concerned that she doesn't fit in or like the other students.

If Max hadn't told Chloe earlier in her room, she now has another opportunity to tell Chloe about her moving to Seattle after they have finished examining the time capsule. She can still delay telling her at this point.

Shortly afterwards, Chloe's mom, Joyce Price, is brought home by a police officer, and she is crying. It is not explained in this bonus episode why Joyce is crying, or why Chloe starts crying, but based on the events we saw in the original game by DONTNOD, we know that Joyce is relaying the news to Chloe that her father has been killed in a car accident. After the funeral, Chloe comes home and goes upstairs to find a note from Max stuck to her cassette player on the floor of her room. She listens to the tape. The message on the tape will vary depending on when the player chooses to have Max tell Chloe about her move to Seattle (if she told her before leaving at all).




*Chloe Price
*Max Caulfield
*William Price (audio only)
*Joyce Price (no lines)
*Ryan Caulfield (cutscene)
*Vanessa Caulfield (cutscene)
*Bongo (mentioned)

Featured Music:

*Ben Howard - Black Flies

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Life Is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 4: "Farewell" Bonus DLC
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