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 Eternal Gamers: The Culling - Episode: 2

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Eternal Gamers: The Culling - Episode: 2  Empty
PostSubject: Eternal Gamers: The Culling - Episode: 2    Eternal Gamers: The Culling - Episode: 2  I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 01, 2017 4:41 pm

EG Dimitri Usov and some of the members are showing some gameplay of "The Culling" is like "The Hunger Games" and they are killing and trying to survive the match. Subscribe and Like for more montage from the Eternal Gamers or comment for other games for the Xbox One. And feel free to comment your gamertag if you want join us on our Game Nights or wanting to join the Eternal Gamers Clan message on the comments.

Players are on a small island full of various traps and buildings. While playing, contestants may notice caves, bridges, poison gas, explosive barrels, and more. Upon completing various tasks such as living for a few minutes, killing other players, travelling certain distances, distances or interacting with the environment, players receive "F.U.N.C". F.U.N.C is the in game currency used to craft or purchase equipment and upgrades each match.

When particular perks and air drops are put together they provide unique strengths and weaknesses. Players call these combinations "builds". Selecting the correct perks can provide players with an edge based on their play style. The community creates hundreds of unique combinations and this is expected to grow as the game gains popularity.

Eternal Gamers: The Culling - Episode: 2  Tumblr_mo730nDgaK1rhk0sdo1_500
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Eternal Gamers: The Culling - Episode: 2
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