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 Life is Strange - Episode 5: Polarized

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Life is Strange - Episode 5: Polarized  Empty
PostSubject: Life is Strange - Episode 5: Polarized    Life is Strange - Episode 5: Polarized  I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 22, 2016 9:56 pm

Max learns that time is impossible to control and that her power carries many consequences as she moves inexorably towards the most agonizing decision of her life. Arcadia Bay, meanwhile, is preparing to weather a huge storm as Life is Strange comes to a gripping and gut wrenching conclusion.


Dark Room - 1st Focus
Dark Room - After the Focus
Dark Room - 2nd Focus
Art Class - Focus
Plane - Between Realities
Art Gallery

(To Be Continued)


Max Caulfield
Mark Jefferson
Chloe Price
Kate Marsh
Victoria Chase
Taylor Christensen
Hayden Jones
Daniel DaCosta
Stella Hill
Ray Wells
David Madsen
Homeless Woman
Truck Driver
Evan Harris
Alyssa Anderson
Warren Graham
Joyce Price
Frank Bowers
Pompidou (Determinant)
Nathan Prescott
William Price
Justin Williams
Dana Ward
Zachary Riggins
Juliet Watson
Michelle Grant
Logan Robertson
Brooke Scott
Courtney Wagner
Old Gzy
Weird Lady
Officer Berry


Nathan Prescott - (Determinant) Mark Jefferson mentions that he murdered Nathan and plans to pin his murders on him. However this is changed after Max warns Chloe in the past. He is arrested at the end for the murder of Chloe if Max chooses to sacrifice her in order to save Arcadia Bay.

Victoria Chase - (Determinant) If Max warns Victoria about Nathan in the previous episode, she will go to Mr. Jefferson who will capture her. Later, after Max returns to the dark room, Mr. Jefferson will reveal that he killed Victoria because he believes that she's where she should be. She is seen alive during Chloe's funeral if Max chooses to save Arcadia Bay's population.

David Madsen - (Pre-Rewind) When David enters the Dark Room and is confronted with Jefferson, there are several instances in which he is seriously hurt and even shot.

Mark Jefferson - (Determinant) In the original timeline if Max tells David that Mark murdered Chloe, David will execute him. However this is changed after Max warns Chloe in the past.

The Trucker - (Determinant) If Max doesn't help the trucker out from under his truck he will remain crushed underneath it.

Evan Harris - (Determinant) If Max waits too long, Evan will be too distracted by the storm and a metal visor will take him out.

Alyssa Anderson - (Determinant) If Max did not save Alyssa in more than 3 episodes and Max talks to her, she will back away from Max and will fall into a hole in the floor of her apartment.

The Fisherman - (Determinant) - Max will accidentally electrocute the fisherman to death in order to get past the fire, and if Max leaves without rewinding and warning him, he will stay that way.

Officer Berry - Officer Berry can be seen crushed under a police car outside the diner.

The Homeless Woman - (Determinant) If Max chooses not to warn the homeless woman about the storm in Episode 3, she will be crushed by the dumpster.

Chloe Price - (Determinant) If Max chooses to go back to the day she stopped Nathan from shooting Chloe and allow him to do so, Max will prevent the storm from happening and consequently will save Arcadia Bay's population.

Warren Graham, Joyce Price, Frank Bowers, Pompidou and an unnamed man - (Pre-Rewind) They die in a gas explosion in the diner. Max needs to prevent that by rewinding, so that she can get Warren's photo.

Many of Arcadia Bay's people - (Presumed, Determinant) If Max chooses not to sacrifice Chloe, then the storm destroys Arcadia Bay and we can only see Max and Chloe alive after the storm.

Featured Music:

"The Sense of Me" by Mud Flow (Played when Max is driving to the Two Whales diner)
"To All of You" by Syd Matters (reversed version: "uoY fo llA oT") (Played during Max's nightmare)
"Spanish Sahara" by Foals (Played in the Sacrifice Chloe ending)
"Obstacles" by Syd Matters (Played if Max sacrificed Arcadia Bay)

Life is Strange - Episode 5: Polarized  Tumblr_mo730nDgaK1rhk0sdo1_500
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Life is Strange - Episode 5: Polarized
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