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 EG: Halo Survivor Game - Information

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PostSubject: EG: Halo Survivor Game - Information   Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:27 pm

Message to clan members, in the EG: Halo Survivor Game, Tomorrow Friday 31 Jan. the game will began at 8:30 or 9:30 pm. More info talk to EG Dimitri Usov or UPLIFT1NHAZE, if you are not there we will started with out you and you have to wait next week for the next episode. "Youtube"

Mian times: (PST-7:30) (CST-9:30) (EST-10:30)

Friday - Premium Challenge "Reward"
Saturday - Immunity Challenge

Rules & Info:

1) The Loseing team will vote to kick out one of there team member.

2) Everyone in the EG: Halo Survivor Game will get a promotion.

3) Please don't get mad when you get kick out of your team, there a next season for the "EG: Halo Survivor Game".

4) No teabaging.

By: UPLIFT1NHAZE & EG Dimitri Usov


EG Dimitri Usov


EG: Halo Survivor Game

The prizes are:

First Place: Brand New Game

Second Place: Pre Owned Game

Third Place: Microsoft Points

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EG: Halo Survivor Game - Information
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