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 EG ApocalypseV2's Minecraft RPG World Rules.

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PostSubject: EG ApocalypseV2's Minecraft RPG World Rules.   Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:09 pm

These are the general rules for EG ApocalypseV2's RPG Minecraft World. You, as the player, are responsible for knowing the rules and following them. In the case you are held in court in the world, it is assumed that you know the rules. If you have any questions that are not answered in this post, please send me a message! (EG ApocalypseV2) The general player rules are listed as followed:

1. You may not destroy, break, or tamper with property that is not owned by you, without proper permission by the owner, mayor, or police officer.

2. You may not attack in any way, another player, without reason. Acceptable reasons include things such as Home defense, Personal defense, The case of seeing an unprovoked or unreasoned attack on another player, or you are given proper permission by the owner, mayor, or police officer.

3. You may have hidden chests, only if you tell the mayor or a police officer. They may only be on your property. Any hidden chests unverified with a police officer of the mayor, will be confiscated. When you tell a police officer or mayor the location of your chest, it is 100% confidential.

4. You may not create an object that is patented by another player without their permission. You also may not create a item that is up for patent, but not patented yet. To create a object that has not been patented yet, but is up for patent, you must buy the right to create that object. Assume that for all the unpatented items are patented by the mayor.

5. You may only own one household at a time, weather this includes a farm house, starter house, or a upper class house.

6. You may not attempt or go over the any bedrock wall. You must use the minecart system to travel from spawn to town, town to spawn, or town to town.

7. You may not attempt or get into the God Box. (Bedrock box above Oakville)

8. You may make a basement, only if it is under your house and 100% lit. It must be inspected when finished.

9. You may only have one patent at a time. You may sell your patent, and exchange it for an open one.

10. Any griefing tools found(TNT, flint and steel, fire charges) will be confiscated.

11. You may not have a crop or animal farm unless you own the corresponding farm. If you see a animal on your land or public land, you may slaughter it and take it's goods.

12. Any additions to the land or structures must be okayed by the Mayor.

13. You may not mine trees enclosed by fence.

14. Slime balls can be turned into the mayor for gold nuggets. for every 64 stack of slime you turn in, 2 gold nuggets will be rewarded.

15. If you cause damage to any part of the town, such as causing a creeper to explode, it is your responsibility to fix the damage. Ask the mayor for supplied required.

16. For every 5 gunpowder you turn in, 1 gold nugget will be exchanged.

17. You may not have an intentional monster spawn in your basement. Your basement must be lit up.

18. You may sell a patented item only to the patent owner. Ex, If player 1 patented wool, player 2 can only sell wool to player 1.

19. If one person attacks a slime, or another mob, the person who hit the mob first gets it's loot.

20. If you report a crime to a police officer or the mayor, and the suspect is proven guilty, you will earn a reward.

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EG ApocalypseV2's Minecraft RPG World Rules.
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